WYLD CBD - Raspberry Gummies - Real Fruit - 250mg - 500mg

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Based out of Portland, Oregon, WYLD CBD is an industry leader in the creation of high-quality CBD edibles. WYLD's gummies are like no other.

WYLD gummies are vegan and gluten free, meaning that they contain no gelatin - like your normal gummy bear or gummy worm. These makes a much softer product, which will emulsify in your mouth.

These gummies are hand-crafted with real fruit and Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract. This ensures that when taking the gummies, you receive the entourage effect, which increases the overal medicinal capabilities of CBD, while having the THC competely removed. 


Vegan and Gluten Free

Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract - No THC

Made with Real Fruit



Raspberry, Blackberry, Huckleberry and Lemon



250mg and 500mg