K Shot Liquid Kratom Extract

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What is the K Shot?

The K Shot liquid kratom extract is one of the original high-quality potent shots on the market! It is formulated using a natural extraction with Green Maeng-Da Kratom. The shots provide an energetic and uplifting effect. Made in the USA.

What is the dosing?

Each shot of the popular K Shot contains 15ml of liquid kratom extract. Each bottle contains 3 servings, each being equivalent to 3 grams of natural kratom powder or ~100mg total alkaloids. 

How many shots per case?

Each case contains 12 K Shots. We have single shots, half cases, single cases and multiple cases available.

We have the best K Shot case pricing online! 

Price List:

1 Shot - $14.99

1/2 Case - 6 Shots - $77.99 ($12.99 per shot)

1 Case - 12 Shots - $143.99 ($11.99 per shot)

2 Cases - 24 Shots - $275.99 ($11.50 per shot)

4 Cases - 48 Shots - $539.99 ($11.25 per shot)

8 Cases - 96 Shots - $1,054.99 ($10.99 per shot)