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45% Mitragynine Extract Powder - Potent!!

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Have you ever heard of 45% mitragynine extract powder? Chances are slim, but it's actually the raw form of powder used to manufacture high quality liquid kratom extract shots and capsules such as OPMS, MIT45 and Hush, to name a few.

One gram of 45% extract powder contains a whopping 450mg of mitragynine. The average dose of mitragynine is considered 50mg; though those with more experience are able to take larger doses. Everyone is a little different!

In comparison to other kratom extracts on the market, one gram of the 45% extract powder is equal to two OPMS or MIT45 liquid kratom shots - that's right! Now look at the savings!

We have the best deals online for 45% extract powder! You won't be dissapointed with this pure and high quality product!

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